The origin of vodka is a subject of some debate. After the rise of communism In the old country, the government controlled the distilling industry. All the high-quality spirits were exported to show the world that Russia distilled the best vodka in the world. That left the people of Mother Russia only the lower-quality spirits to drink.

Of course, the industrious people of Russia took matters in to their own hands and began to filter and infuse the local vodka. Adding their own blends of fruit, herbs, or nuts, they created a new tradition to imbibe.

We honor our past by using century-old recipes and fresh, organic ingredients to keep the memory of the old world alive. Once you drink our house-infused vodka, you’ll never want that store-bought, syrup-based flavored swill again!

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House Infused Flavors

Our house flavors change regularly so check in with infusion master Nikolai at the bar for today’s flavors. Be sure to ask about any off-menu specials.




Not sure what kind you want? Infused? Maybe a premium brand?

Russian Samovar offers custom curated Vodka flights featuring 6 of our house favorites. Mix and match to create your own flavor journey, or allow infusion master Nikolai and his crew to deliver their favorites to you!

World Famous Russian Samovar Vodka Flight

За здоровье!