“Goryachie Zakuski” Hot Appetizers


  • Pelmeni Stroganoff

    • $23.00

    Choice of veal or chicken with sirloin tips in a creamy mushroom sauce

  • Kulybiaka

    • $21.00

    Traditional pate gonflee pastry with salmon, fresh herbs and garden vegetables stuffing

  • Vareniki

    • $19.00

    Traditional Russian Pirogies with the choice of potatoes, mushrooms or sour cherries. Served with sour cream or cherry sauce on the side

  • Potatoes, Mushrooms, & Onions (картошка с грибами)

    • $19.00

    Pan fried potatoes with wild mushrooms and onions (картошка с грибами)

  • Siberian Pelmeni

    • $18.00

    Traditional handmade Russian dumplings with veal, and chicken. Served with sour cream.

    With Chicken Broth additional $3.00

  • Dolma

    • $17.00

    Grape leaves with meat and rice stuffing. Served with yogurt sauce on the side

  • Khachapuri

    • $15.00

    Traditional Republic of Georgia dish, Tre Formaggi filled pastry

  • Mushroom Vol-au-vent “Windblown”

    • $14.00

    Porcini mushroom in heavy cream sauce served in pate gonflee
    with cheese is an additional charge of $5.00

  • Pirozhok

    • $6.00

    Pirozhok with choice of meat, cabbage, spinach, potato and onion, potato and mushroom 
    With meat add $1.00